Tuesday, March 21, 2006

live in your fantasy

there is nothing wrong with creating your own reality to get by in this life...dontchya think? of course, this created reality cannot effect your life in such a way to where you are living a lie. as long as you can distinguish true reality (whatever that means) from a false reality. so this is me. this is also my version of reality. sometimes my true reality seems so far out there (it could be someone's fantasy) that i would rather it be a false reality...

for example, recently i took a vacation. on this vacation i met a lover. we must have seen 30 shooting start that night. we watched the sun rise over the china sea. our love affair lasted about 2 weeks before on a mutual evening we both met someone else at this bar we at. the funny thing is...we both agreed to leave the bar with that other person. and we did. so he went home with this girl from spain and i ended up (literally) falling in love with a man and moved in with him that night. i changed my plane ticket and had an amazing adventure with this guy. we will call him 'the director' because he makes short films/documentaries. ok...the director lives with his parnter in their home town of vancouver. so we called her on the phone and told her about 'us' and she actually gave us her blessing. so we would call her everyday and give her our love (a woman i have never met) and that was that....until...

after we both returned home i decided to make a trip up to vancouver to visit a few lovers. 'the director', and old flame that i have kept in touch with for 15 years, and this other guy (we will call him 'the actor' because he does stunt work for almost every martial art movie out there). so basically without going into detail...i went up north to visit 3 lovers, and meet the lover/partner of the director all within 4 days. needless to say, i had a blast, but if were to tell all the details of this story, one might say....no way! but this is my true reality. my false reality is that i am numbing down the story...other times i might spice it up...y'all dig?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so you did decide to write again.

9:32 AM  
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