Saturday, August 06, 2005

taken up lingerie

I have recently concluded that I do not like to be alone...meaning, I prefer to have a lover in my life, a go to person if you will (not only for sex, but also someone with whom I seek solace from). This is not a gladdened culmination that I had been aspiring towards. I prefer to think of myself as self substained and quite capable of finding happiness within myself and not because I am receiving love from another person. I know this casual sex with an old lover is not making me happy...someone such as myself (or anyone for that matter) warrents a person who will undoubtedly love and cherish me. So once again my wishy-washy emotional path finds itself befuddled at the cross roads.

My transitory solution: taken up lingerie by a company called Agent Provocateur. The title of this company is quite fitting especially when bearing in mind I live a small percentage of my life truly believing I am a secret agent. I am not joking. I independantly seek out crime (and have since I was 7 with oldskewl trinkets such as a mirror taped to a long stick) and interrogate those invloved while throwing them off with sex appeal. A little sick game I do...don't ask why.

Hence my previous posting...


Blogger Autumn Storm said...

It is definitely better to have a lover than to not, no debate there. Also important though, that you make sure they are worthy, the others swallow up your spirit.
Everyone wants to be loved in every single way - even when they do not realize it.

3:40 PM  

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