Thursday, May 05, 2005

he is SO two months ago

It's funny how time fly's and things change. Shortly after a back and forth of sex and absolutely everything-else-sucks game, we decided to call it quits. I arrived at his flat wearing my super sexy jeans, a white collared button up shirt with my pink tee-shirt overneath that says: what boyfriend? I thought it was hilarious and he didn't even say one word about I grabbed his digital and snapped a few shots for him to discover later. (some people seriously lack a sense of humor)

Oh, did I mention that the night before I grabbed my stuff I slept at the fireman's house and had some of the most passionate sex in ages. It was so nice to be worshiped again AND especially nice to be with the perfectly toned and sexy fireman. The following weekend the two of us skipped out of town for a few days of boarding in Tahoe. It was a great way to lift my spirits and re-aquaint with an old dear lover. A few months later and I now find myself in this interesting situation: About every 10 days the busy fireman and the busy me go out to dinner, watch a movie and have the most passionate sex topped off with an all night cuddle.

i hope this doesn't get complicated


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