Thursday, February 17, 2005

on the verge

Once again, I woke up with that empty feeling and/or feeling of loss. After a few deep breaths and a cup of tea I was fine. I am deciding that this break up may not be such a bad thing after creative juices are flowing! I bought a new Ibanez Classical guitar (my dad and uncle somehow destroyed my other one named Carlos) and I haven't been so inspired to bust out with my old skewl electric Fender Strat. It took me almost 4 days before I approached the Ibanez...I think I was afraid. It has been several years. I used to play until my fingers would bleed (ah, those were the days).

Well, I have been consistantly playing now for about a week and I have officially entered into the "the zone" or the "the zen" of playing. I have written 2 songs now. One is called Silly Boi and the other is called On the Verge. So, it looks as though this break up has stirred up quite a ruckess inside, leaving me with no choice other than to drain ink from my pen with my thoughts, cluster up a few guitar chords and sing my little heart out. Gosh, if I ever figure out how to enhance this blog site, maybe I can share a recording with ya folks =)

big things are happening tomorrow and i cannot wait to report back!


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Wow. really admirable to share yourself like this. goodluck with your future, im sure its going to be a wonderful one.

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