Sunday, February 20, 2005

of course NOW he wants me back

Men...(and women too) can never make up their minds! Have I been doing all this *proactive, get over him* work for nothing? I feel like I have been taking this whole break-up thing pretty well. Trying to stay positive and not get too depressed...but then yesturday happens. I told the elite dork that I need to get my stuff because at one point we were basically living together. It's hard to pass up a flat on top of coit towers that over looks the entire sky line of San Francisco with a jacuzzi and my own closet. So, I have a ton of stuff there, including plants, a book shelf, an elephant carved nightstand, and about a million other things...and I wanted it back. The next thing I know we are having a conversation about how he misses me and blah blah blah. I was so hurt by him that I was not impressed with this conversation. Does he think I am that easy? I told him not to open up the box of toys unless he is ready to play for good. So, I guess now he wants this to work out. I really do not understand this man. I am currently on the fence. I am going to see if he does anything extra special this week to truly win my heart back. To be continued...


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