Tuesday, February 15, 2005

the day after the break-up

I woke up this morning feeling nautious and sad. What happened lastnight? One thing I did not mention was that on my drive home following the "conversation", my ex before this ex called me to say Happy Valentines Day. He is a fireman and was working at the station that happens to be 6 blocks from my flat. (note: if your boyfriend is a fireman, do not move near his station because on the days where he is working, you are constantly reminded of him with each siren that passes you by and this can be quite annoying) So I decided to stop by to give him a hug and say hello. The irony of situation: me standing there with the fireman, having just come from the *break-up conversation* with the most recent ex (we will title him in a moment) was pretty funny, but I decided to keep that to myself. He wanted to talk about our relationship and how perfect it was until I decided to move to Paris for the summer which ultimately ended up disasterous for the relationship. So, twice on the eve of Valentines Day, I was blessed with two conversations about failed relationships that I have participated in.

Anyhoot, today was OK. I managed to eat a little soy yogurt for breakfast, a cheese bagel (burnt) for lunch with freshly squeezed orange/carrot juice, and a pale ale with pasta for dinner...and of course~a tall glass of vanilla soy with 8 oreo cookies (i took the full box from the recent ex's home on the way out the door). Each time my very recent ex, who by the way is a well known computer programmer (big time computer dork...an elite dork), popped into my head, I would start singing this song I wrote last week called "silly boi". It helped me focus less on him and more on my...creativity I suppose. Positivity is my focus for tonight. Let's see what tomorrow brings. I think the recent ex's name will remain: recent ex~


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