Friday, February 18, 2005

Best Mojito Recipe

Take one large lime and squeeze the living day lights out of it. Next, you can either take a table spoon of simple syrup or a table spoon of sugar and throw it in there. After this put about 5 fresh mint leaves in the glass and then fill with ice. Now pour in a few shots of Bacardi Lemon Rum, another 5 mint leaves and fill the glass with club soda. Now shake the shit out of it and if you can break the ice. Throw in a slice of lime and a splash of Bitters. If you can't find bitters, don't worry about it. Wow, I am thirsty...if anyone tries this out, let me know :)


Blogger POPEalicious said...

the caipirinha is the new mojito

5:59 PM  

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